There Will Be ________ (a.k.a. Greystone)

Greystone, a 30 minute narrative short, revisits one of the 20th century’s most shocking and mysterious society murders. Filmed on location at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills California, in the very rooms where the killings took place, and using only dialog appropriated from dozens of Hollywood feature films that were also shot within the storied estate, Greystone proposes a series of explanations for how a Los Angeles oil tycoon and his personal assistant might actually have arrived at their deaths.


“The dialogue is both uncannily familiar and awkwardly stilted, as if the actors are skipping lines or reciting from different pages... the script both propels the narrative and fractures the illusion, reminding us that we don’t in fact know what really happened.”  - Los Angles Times

Original running time: 30 min
Excerpt: 1:16 min