Dead Star Light, Camden Arts Centre, 2011

A thing dies, burns out and/or is negated. There is a split or division between its existence or presence and its discernable absence, not-being, or nullification. A ‘two’ is created through this split — a ‘one’ and an ‘other’ as an ‘already negation’ — rather than a two as within an infinite numerical series, or as in a binary or dialectical relation to the ‘one’.

Perhaps we can further understand the order of the division as an uncountable order of ‘three’, including the split itself (DEAD) — the split which manifests not just the ‘two’ (LIGHT) but also, crucially, defines the ‘one’ (STAR), retroactively.


In Kerry Tribe’s extensive body of work exploring ‘the phenom- enology of memory’ 3 (1998–2010) we see division formalized, enacted, materialized, and articulated. We see this over and over again. The split between memory and ‘forgetting’, in its many forms (amnesia, revision, etc.) does not imply an order of opposites or a dialectic, nor does the negation of forgetting make disappearance. On the contrary, ‘the negation is not quite negated; …the other persists’.

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