Kerry Tribe, 2006

Kerry Tribe’s films, videos and installations analyze the relations between subjectivity and representation, inspecting the gray zones between the authentic and the scripted, the collective and the specific. The exhibition Subjective Effects encompasses a trilogy of works dealing with perception, coincidence and the phenomenology of memory, shown alongside a series of photos related to the works. Tribe will furthermore show the video work Episode, which was recorded and produced in Berlin. Shot in the DFA [German TV News Agency] studio near the Brandenburg Gate, this “talk show” features a discussion between the artist and two of her childhood friends, presented by a known German talk show host. For the first time in fifteen years, the three friends exchange their differing, subjective memories of a long past incident: when they were on a summer trip through the USA, the night sky over Northern Idaho was suddenly lit by strange streaks of light. By means of an informal debate in the guise of a talk show, spectators become witnesses to the differences in subjective perception and the numerous facets of remembrance.

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