The project consists of a self-contained hydroponic growing system initially developed for use in UCLA’s graduate studios, complete with artificial light, timers, pumps and nutrients. The project is designed to replicate the optimal growing conditions California is known for: long sunny days with plenty of irrigation. The plants are selected according to their catalogue names: "Sensation" cosmos, "Imagination" verbena, "Talent" gazenia , "Celebrity" tomato, "Showing" watermelon, "Chelsea Prize" cucumber etc. In a sense the project responds both to the artificiality of the (never-the-less highly seductive) "natural environment" that constitutes Los Angeles and to the way in which art schools in the area function as "hot-houses" for the LA art world’s fresh talent. Its production process – the loving cultivation of these plants – constitutes a studio practice that demands close attention and patience. When transplanted to the gallery, the project calls for the active support of the gallery staff in keeping the work alive.