Here & Elsewhere, 2002

In Here & Elsewhere, two synchronized videos are projected side by side, creating a vertical seam where they meet. What might be called the project’s “narrative” revolves around an interview between an older man who remains off camera (British film critic and theoretician Peter Wollen) and a thoughtful ten year old girl (his daughter Audrey). Periodically the visuals cut away to quotidian interior shots of the girl at home and exterior locations in and around Los Angeles. Although the video is structured as a loop, the questions the girl is asked trace a series of themes, each of which builds on the preceding dialogue. As the interview unfolds, their conversation touches on history, memory, intersubjectivity, temporality, epistemology and photography. Wollen’s questions are loosely adapted from FRANCE / TOUR / DETOUR / DEUX / ENFANTS (1978), an experimental video series made for television by Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville. The relationships that emerge between the images on either side of the central vertical seam serve as a structural score for ideas addressed in the interview, such that the continuity, friction, gaps and overlaps that result from their simultaneity underscore the girl’s desire to speak a coherent articulation of time, space, image and identity.

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Here & Elsewhere, 2002
Two-channel video projection with sound, 10:30 min
Excerpt 4:28 min