Double Bumblefoot, 2022

1301PE is pleased to announce its fourth solo exhibition with internationally acclaimed Los Angeles artist Kerry Tribe. Tribe is known for expansive and profound works in film and mixed media that explore consciousness, communication and memory. Her work embeds these themes in phenomenological cinematic experiences that collapse narrative and perception.


“Where is it, this present? It has melted in our grasp, fled ere we could touch it, gone in the instant of becoming.” –William James


Tribe’s latest exhibition finds the artist positioned as caregiver, looking after loved ones in the surrounding generations. Corner Piece, a video projected into the corner of the gallery, features animated text exchanges with Tribe’s mother on the right wall and Tribe’s growing children on the left. The artist’s “outgoing” messages,” always in blue, appear on one or the other side of the divide as they navigate requests for transportation, medical advice, technical assistance, weekly allowance and moral support.


A related series of works on paper, made with a homespun combination of watercolor and oil pastel, document recent text messages Tribe has received or sent. Elegant, funny and intimate, they capture the constant insect buzz of communication within a family, like room tone, traffic or weather.


Included in this exhibition are five large “scratch drawings” in rainbow-hued wax crayon and black pastel. These reproduce diagrams, made by western philosophers, that attempt to explain the present moment from a first person perspective. Experientially, “now” is never the indivisible, non- durational point one sees on a timeline, but a continuum of consciousness that enfolds the past and future within it. How else could we recognize duration, movement or change?

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